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  • The Dynamism of Staying Power July 1, 2020
    The Dynamism of Staying Power Staying Power is one of the secrets of successful people. It is also very important to be dynamic in the pursuit of your dreams. Someone […]
    Dr. Charles Apoki
  • Be Ye Transformed July 1, 2020
    Be ye transformed by the Renewal of your mind. Until your purpose is identified, and your mind is renewed, stagnation is inevitable. Until the black man and Africa rightly identifies […]
    Dr. Charles Apoki
  • Life Is Not Controlled By Prayers July 1, 2020
    By Charles Awuzie “Life is controlled by Prayers. If you can pray, you will not have any problems in life. The problem you are facing now is because of your prayerlessness […]
    Ufuoma Apoki
  • Breaking Up Nigeria: Not a Solution To Her Problems June 29, 2020
    On one of my recent posts on the “The Demolition of a Building Within the Nigerian High Commission—A Sign That The Giant is Gravely Sick“, I had this conversation with […]
    Dr. Charles Apoki
  • The Vision of Petra Institute June 28, 2020
    As Far as Your Eyes Can See . . . When God told Abraham “as far as your eyes can see, I will give onto you for an inheritance”, He […]
    Dr. Charles Apoki
  • Staying Power—Exciting, Exasperating, and Exhausting Duties. June 28, 2020
    One of the major challenges the average pastor or business person has is mentoring his/her own children. I said in one of my posts that, most times, we don’t spend […]
    Dr. Charles Apoki
  • The Spirit of the Python—The Need For Discernment June 28, 2020
    Have you heard of the spirit of the python in the Bible? It is the spirit of the python that makes it easy to deceive and defraud Christians. The greatest […]
    Dr. Charles Apoki
  • Staying Power—One of the Secrets of Successful People June 26, 2020
    I will please ask that you read the whole of the Book of Ruth, Chapter 2, from verse 1 to verse 23. I have interacted with several brilliant and very […]
    Dr. Charles Apoki
  • Hold On To Your Vision June 26, 2020
    Your vision is the picture of your future conceived in your mind that you are ready to passionately pursue to a logical conclusion. All men can fantasize about tomorrow; few, […]
    Dr. Charles Apoki
  • First Fruits June 24, 2020
    Today, my son, Ese Apoki, harvested one of our water melon fruits on our way home from the farm. We had taken poultry manure from our poultry to the parcel […]
    Dr. Charles Apoki